Plum’s Promise

We pride ourselves on the quality of our lunch selection, who we work with and how we conduct ourselves.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

[Last Updated 5 July 2018]

How do I cancel my order?
To ensure a smooth delivery, we allow cancellations only up until 10:30 AM on the day of delivery via phone call. After this time, we will not accept any cancellations.

Where can I pick up my lunch?
To check out our pick up point locations, please visit https://www.plumfood.com.au/locations/

Can I get food delivered directly to my office?
We can arrange a special delivery if there are 10+ orders from your building, otherwise you’ll have to pick up your lunch from your usual pick-up point. This is necessary in order to ensure we can continue to offer free delivery.

When's the cutoff for ordering?
Please order your lunch by 10:30 AM on day of delivery to secure your meal. We need to lock in our orders at that time so our restaurant partners can prepare accordingly. Orders are open from 12 PM the day before delivery, so order early to avoid disappointment.

Can I place multiple orders?
Yes, you’ll get your meals all at once even if you order multiple times. You don’t need to put in multiple orders to get more than one dish, though – just add your desired quantity of dishes to your cart when browsing the menu.

Do you do refunds?
In most cases, we don’t offer refunds. Should you wish to discuss your order with our Customer Advocacy team, please contact them on 1800 277 722.

What do you mean by "curation"?
It’s simple. We are relentless in our pursuit for three things: quality of ingredients, taste and, lastly value. Our in-house tasting team tries every single dish before deciding whether it ends up on our menu.

I have specific dietary requirements, can I still use Plum?
We do our best to identify dishes that meet certain dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, gluten free), but as our lunches are prepared by third-party restaurant partners, we can’t make any guarantees. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Advocacy team on 1800 277 722. Our team will aim to answer any questions related to your dietary requirements.

Is my credit card safe with Plum?
We never store your credit card information, and that includes the CVC code (the three numbers on the back of your card). All credit card information is encrypted and kept with our Third Party Payment Provider, which in this instance is Stripe. Your credit card details are encrypted on disk using AES-256 encryption and are never stored in plain text nor are they stored on any servers or databases belonging to Plum.

What information does Plum access from my phone?
In order to improve your user experience, we may collect technical information about you. This is stored in the form of cookies which is used and stored by every website and app around the internet. Please note that we only retain this data for as long as necessary, and allows us to use functions such as email and push notifications so that you are able to be notified to collect your meal.

So why does Plum need access to my photos?
The app requests cache memory in order to load up the in-app photos of our delicious meals. It doesn’t access any of the photos stored on your phone.

Can you tell me about Plum as a company?
Plum is a food company on a mission to transform the way busy people have lunch. We want to be Australia’s number one choice for curated lunches brought to where they work, study or play. Click here to find out more.

Can I leave feedback, good or otherwise?
Of course, please do! Let us know how we’re doing. You can chat with us through our app or else rate your ordered meal after your order has been delivered.

I’ve heard that you guys are recruiting?
Yes, we’re always looking for motivated talents with can-do attitude! Check out our Careers page which outlines our current open positions.