Plum’s Promise

We pride ourselves on the quality of our lunch selection, who we work with and how we conduct ourselves.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

[Last Updated Wednesday 23 May 2018]

What's The Deal? Do You Guys Only Do Lunch?
Yes sir, yes ma’am – we focus entirely on lunch!

I Have Other Lunch Arrangements Today, Can I Cancel My Order?
In order to keep the quality of our meals and maintain the low costs, we allow cancellations up to 1000am on the day of delivery. After this time, you meal will already be in preparation and therefore we are unable to accept cancellations after this time.

How Much Are Your Meals?
Our meals range from $35 to $99 with occasional premium lunches at $129

Where Do Your Meals Come From?
Our restaurant curation team curates our meals from thousands of restaurants to bring you the freshest and best dishes each day. Weekly menus will be an upcoming feature for our app, remember to keep checking back for our updates.

Wait, Where Do I Get My Lunch From?
Plum will bring your food to, typically, the ground floor of the building you work in, there will be 2 time slots in which you are able to choose from to pick up your lunch – 12.10-12.40 or 12.40-13.10 You will receive a ‘push notification’ through our mobile app and/or an email which will include pick-up instructions as well as a photograph illustrating where our team will be located. To check out our pick up point locations please visit https://www.plumfood.com.au/locations/

Can I Get Food Delivered To My Floor?
We can arrange a special delivery if there are 50+ orders from that floor, otherwise the closest pick up point is at the designated pick up point for your building. We deliver to a pick up point to ensure that your meals remain at the best quality and to maintain our principle of offering a delivery fee free service.

When Can I Use My Promo Code?
Our promo codes are available for use during limited periods of times only. If you miss out on this current offer, don’t forget to download our app and stay tuned with our social media for future promotions.

Can I Be Removed From Your Distribution List?
Yes. Please send us an email to info@plumfood.com and let us know you would like to unsubscribe. Alternatively, please click unsubscribe on any of our emails

Do You Use Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly Packaging?
We continuously strive to partner with environmentally friendly sources, and will continue our efforts to find long term sustainable solutions.

When Is The Cut Off Time?
Our cut off time for ordering is 10:30am

When Can I Place An Order From?
Our ordering window starts at 12pm the day before delivery and will cut off by 10.30am

Can I Place Multiple Orders?
Yes, absolutely. You can place multiple orders through our app. All you need to do is add the correct amount of food into your basket and check out as normal

Can I Have A Refund?
Usually we don’t offer refunds as our payments system is provided by a third party provider which charges us for this service. Should you wish to discuss your order with our Customer Advocacy team, please contact them on +852 3975 2771, alternatively you can email them on info@plumfood.com

Can I Place An Order Through Your Website?
Our current order placement method is through the Plum app, which can be found on either, iOS https://www.plumfood.com/downloads/ios/ or on Android https://www.plumfood.com/downloads/android/

How Do You Source Your Food?
Hush! That’s a trade secret! Seriously though – we partner with the very best restaurants in Sydney. There are over 14,000 restaurants in Sydney and we work with, and have been approached by many truly remarkable restaurants.

How Do You ‘Qualify’ Your Food
It’s simple. We are relentless in our pursuit for three things: quality of ingredients, taste and, lastly value. Our in-house Tasting Team tries every single dish before deciding whether it ends up on our menu.

Do You Vary Your Lunch Menus?
Varying our lunch menus is of vital importance: we don’t do boring here at Plum. We send our members a daily lunch menu with five to eight options, which includes at least: a Western Dish, an Asian Dish and a Vegetarian option.

Do You ‘Mark-Up’ Your Food?
We work really really hard to negotiate amazing deals for you with Sydney’s finest restaurants. Our end goal is that you reap the benefits of delicious food!

Is Your Food Organic?
We work with a variety of restaurants across Sydney and what we promise is the partnering of restaurants that offer quality, tasty and healthy lunches. Stay tuned as we discover more new partnerships, and as such our variety grows to your needs.

I Have An Allergy – Help!
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Advocacy team on +852 3975 2771. Our team will aim to answer any questions related to your dietary requirements.

Can I Customize My Order?
As of yet we do are unable to customize our customers orders. We hope our awesome daily selection will entice you without changes required.

Is My Credit Card Safe With Plum?
100% Yes! We never store your credit card information, and that includes the CVC code (the three numbers on the back of your card). All credit card information is encrypted and kept with our Third Party Payment Provider, which in this instance is ‘Stripe’. Also, it’s absolutely worth noting that when we capture credit card data it’s done so through a secured Internet connection using encryption.

Are My Details Secure?
We at Plum care about the security of your data and as such we have partnered with Stripe for payment fulfilment. Your credit card details are encrypted on disk using AES-256 encryption and are never stored in plain text nor are they stored on any servers or databases belonging to Plum.

Where Do I Download The App From?
Our current order placement method is through the Plum app, which can be found on either, iOS https://www.plumfood.com/downloads/ios/ or on Android https://www.plumfood.com/downloads/android/

What Payments Do You Accept?
First off, you need to download and install our app. Once you’ve done that, then you may browse our menu through the app, if anything takes your fancy place your order and we’ll go and bring your delicious lunch to you at your chosen time slot

I’d Like To Learn More About Your T&C’s and Privacy Terms
Sure, you can read our T&C’s here, and our Privacy Policy here.

When I Download The App, It Asks For Access To My Information Such As Photos, Device ID Why Do You Need This?
In order to improve your user experience, we may collect technical information about you. This is stored in the form of cookies which is used and stored by every website and app around the internet. Please note that we only retain this data for as long as necessary, and allows us to use functions such as email and push notifications so that you are able to be notified to collect your meal.

Why Does Your App Need Access To My Photos?
Our app although doesn’t store anything on your phone requests the cache memory in order to load up the photos of our delicious meals, don’t worry, we never access any of your files or photos.

Who Are You Guys?
Plum is a food company on a mega mission, which is this: we want to be Sydney’s premier provider of lunches that are delicious and value for money.

Can I Leave Feedback: Good or Otherwise?
Of course, please do! Let us know how we’re doing. You can chat to us through our app or else rate your ordered meal after your order has been delivered.

Where Do I Download The App From?
Our current order placement method is through the Plum app, which can be found on either, iOS https://www.plumfood.com/downloads/ios/ or on Android https://www.plumfood.com/downloads/android/

Is The Delivery Really Free? Seriously?
We do not charge you an additional fee for delivery.

I’ve Heard That You Guys Are Recruiting?
We’re recruiting for a bunch of positions. Here’s a webpage we have dedicated to our current positions.